Green Building

Green Building

An approach to building that minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment. The designer attempts to safeguard air, water and earth by choosing eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.

Sun Daylight & Shading Path, Analysis

  • Conceptual design, architectural planning, development of architectural massing.
  • Create mutually shaded and optimized envelope.
  • Analysis for gaining daylight without much direct solar heat.

Lighting Analysis & Simulation

Efficient lighting design is an art of attaining required light levels for visual comfort on the areas required but still being in harmony with the surrounding spaces of the task.

Heat Island Effect Analysis

Heat island effect evaluates the surroundings of the building and the amount of heat that is being gained by these surroundings and how to overcome this in architectural design.

Thermal Comfort analysis

  • Thermal comfort relates to temperature & humidity levels in a conditioned , partially conditioned or natural ventilated spaces.
  • Most efficient HVAC system can be of no point if thermal comfort is not achieved.

Building Envelope Solutions

Energy Conservation Measure analysis of various building materials for their thermal properties and their impact on the overall project annual energy consumption.

Green Building Certification

  • IGBC
  • Griha
  • ECBC
  • BEE
  • Edge

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