Master Planning

What can a Master Plan do?

Master Plan helps consolidate construction activities while lowering capital costs, the cost for infrastructure operation and maintenance.

A Master Plan helps to be flexibile, cost-effective and maximize the efficiency of the building or campus in question. A Master Plan also provides better security and better regulation of environments. A properly created and well-executed Master Plan can help a facility obtain accreditation as a direct result of the improved oversight and maintenance.

Taking a long term view

Master planning can identify strategic opportunities to right-size existing, create space, and upgrade aging facilities while limiting capital expenditures. A Master Plan includes initial planning strategies, metrics used to assign space, challenges and solutions to aging building infrastructure, and lessons learned during previous implementations. It outlines methods for cataloging existing space and conditions, sequencing renovations over 5, 10, and beyond 15-year periods, and prioritizing future renovations with existing conditions, departmental growth goals, and campus initiatives as inputs.

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